The SPARK45 Story

SPARK45 was created from the vision of owner, Danielle Bordenave.

The story starts about 8 years ago, when Danielle was living and working in Chicago. She was the manager and partner of a Physical Therapy Office (Athletico) in the Southloop Neighborhood. During her time as a manager, she was able to attend various manager development trainings. During this events, she learned and read numerous books from different leaders in the field, including David Allen, Byron Katie, and Gay & Katie Hendricks. She decided reading the books was not enough, and she signed up and attended a live training with Katie Hendricks in Ventura, CA. From this point, she joined their leadership program and discovered Carpinteria, CA. During her first visit to Carpinteria, she feel in LOVE with the town, the people, and the beach.

In December 2015, Danielle left Chicago and drove across the country leaving winter and her previous life in the rearview mirror. She took the first 3 months off to enjoy and discover the area. In these first few months, Danielle starting looking more and more into opening her own physical therapy office that also incorporated health, fitness, and general wellness. She was overwhelmed with the idea of dealing with insurance companies so she went to work in another physical therapy office. After a few months, she realized that all the hassle of the insurance companies was well worth it. In addition, she was started taking a new workout class, called Lagree Fitness. She realized this workout and physical therapy was what she wanted to do. AND then it was time to come up with a name.

SPARK45 comes the idea that Danielle wanted to help people make a change in their lives. One of the definitions of Spark is: anything that activates or stimulates; inspiration or catalyst. Danielle wanted to create a place to ignite positive impact in peoples health and life. The “45” comes from the classes and sessions being 45 minutes in length.