When did you take your first class at SPARK45?

April 2018 (still feel like Im relatively new to Lagree but I caught the bug quickly)!

How did you discover SPARK45?

I had been working out at home and wanted a more social experience and started looking at different fitness centers in Carpinteria. I played the game of goldie locks trying different studios and thinking, this is way too easy, that is way too hard, and then I found Spark45 while searching the MindyBody app and it was just right!

When, and Why did you become a Lagree Fitness Instructor at SPARK45?

Ever since I took my first class with Danielle I just knew this workout was different from anything else I have ever done physically. I have always said, If my career wasn't in (blank) I would love to be in fitness. Timing worked out and I was having a career change and I knew it was the perfect opportunity to start my dream of instructing. I became certified January 2019!

What is your favorite move?

Any move with BUNGEE! it targets my glutes immediately and I get the shakes within .5 seconds, its amazing!!

What move do you internally (or audibly) groan about during class?

Mega Donkey Kicks have always been really challenging for me, every time I see those handle bars tilted I know it is coming and I mentally have to get in the game to get through it.

Why do you love SPARK45 and the mega former?

SPARK45 has truly become my 2nd home in Carpinteria, its the first place I've joined in the community since moving here and there is such a welcoming atmosphere. The megaformer is brilliant at not wasting time, every second you are on it you are working hard and it will never get easier which I just love.

What is your favorite motivational thought/phrases to help you get through a tough move?

One More Rep! every time I want to take a break I tell myself, "just do one more rep" and usually by the time I do it we are onto the next move.

What is one fun random fact about you?

As a child, I had an alter-ego that my parents named, "Mona" I'm a Gemini and they would say, look out Mona is coming... To this day, I still keep Mona tucked away for emergencies

How long have you lived in Carpinteria & how do you spend your friend time?

5 years. And walk, walk, and walk some more. I love being able to walk out of my front door and be blocks from the beach, coffee shops, banks, supermarkets.. and SPARK45. I have a pitbull rescue named Butters that you will usually see by my side on all my excursions around town.

Who is your Favorite BLACK dog?

I don't even think I knew there was a dog at SPARK45 until after I completed my first class, Otis is such a gentleman and his sweet demeanor will instantly put a smile on your face. Some would say there is no SPARK45 without Danielle but I think Otis may have her beat!